West Central Division
Knights Templar of Ohio

Division Officers:

Division Commander
SK John P Pience, KCT
Lady Teresa
Deputy Division Commander
SK Michael F. Lindsey
Lady Cathy

2022/2023 CTA Officers:
SK Rondal L Mullins
Lady Debbi
1st Vice President
SK James M Carlson
Lady Tammy
2nd Vice President
SK ​J. Andrew McConnell
SK James A Haugen
Lady Joyce
SK Richard L Ganion
Lady Debbie
SK ​J Ken Carter III
Lady Elizabeth

Home of  Very Em. Deputy Grand Commander
SK Richard L Ganion, KCT
& Lady Debbie

Home of East Central Department Commander
SK Marty Trent, KCT, REPGC
& Lady Bonita

Division Events Calendar

2022-23 CTA Meetings :  
 April 21, 2023 @ Willis #82
June 25, 2023 @ (TBD)

2023 Inpections:
All done!
Another Great Inspection Season is in the books! 

Upcoming Events:     
Oct. 5-7, 2023 Grand Commandery @ Columbus
Nov. 18, 2023 Grand Commander Reception @ Fairborn
Dec. 3-9, 2023 Grand Commandery Caribbbean Cruise
Mar. 9, 2024 East Central Dept Conf. @ Ft Wayne, IN 
Oct. 11-12, 2024 Grand Commandery @ Columbus


Tickets are now available for the Tuesday, May 30th Dayton Dragons game.
We will be Presenting Colors that evening. We will have a secure changing area, much as we have had in the past. This year we will have the upper-level Party Deck #2!
Tickets are $10 each. You may get the $$ to me - if mailing send it to me, check made out to West Central Division CTA. (PM me if you need my mailing address.)
Once $$ are received, I will send the e-tickets (they are no longer using paper tickets.) I will need a good email address to send the tickets.
Courteously, Richard Ganion

Commandery Cruise
Dec. 3-9, 2023

Grand Commandery Cruise
Aboard the Celebrity Reflection
Departing 12/3/2023 for a 6-Night Western Caribbean Cruise

Sailing to: Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Bimini Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale, FL    

Pricing may change depending upon current deals*: 
*Included taxes and Port Fees - Celebrity “Always Included” price includes basic beverages, gratuities and WiFi 
Prices per person based on double occupancy. 
Additional cost for optional travel protection .    
Travel agent will procure the best available pricing at time of booking . 
A minimum deposit will be due at time of booking. Deposit policy subject to change based on category reserved and added inclusions.  
To make reservation for our group, contact Kaci and mention Grand Commandery Cruise, December 2023, or use my name and she will know what you are booking.  
Contact: Kaci Craven Travel, 937-925-3574, craventravel.ltd@gmail.com

Commanderies of the West Central Division:

 Reed #​6    (1st and 3rd Tuesday) 
EC: SK J Andrew McConnell 
525 West Riverview Avenue, Dayton 45405    MAP

Raper #19   (4th Monday) 

EC: SK ​Robert D Pollock 
222 North Main Street, Urbana 43078   MAP

Palestine #33   (3rd Monday)

EC: SK ​Russell G Clonch 
125 West High Street, Springfield 45502  MAP

Sidney #46   (4th Thursday; Nov/Dec 3rd Monday) 

EC: SK ​Michael C Snyder
303 E Poplar St., Sidney 45365  MAP

Bellefontaine #61   (1st Monday) 
EC: SK ​John P McEntee
1st Monday 600 North Main Street, Bellefontaine 43311  MAP

Jerusalem #75   (2nd Monday) 

EC:  SK ​William L Bliss
12 East Dayton St. West Alexandria 45381   MAP

Valley #80   (1st and 3rd Monday)
EC: SK Douglas B Whyte
116 South Second Street, Miamisburg 45342  MAP

Nathaniel Greene #81   (1st Wednesday)  

EC: SK ​Alan K Booker
223 Corwin Avenue , Xenia 45385  MAP

Willis #82  (4th Thursday: Nov Preceding Friday)
EC: SK ​Edward W Erfurt III
65 N. Main Street , London 43140  MAP

 WC Division Past Grand Commanders: 

SK Martin R. Trent, KCT, KYGCH, REDC 
Lady Bonita
SK Burch E Zehner, KCT, KYGCH 
Lady Lynn
SK Alfred T. Johnson, KCT, HPGC 
Lady Marion

WC Division Past Deputy Division Commanders:​ 
SK William R McCarthy, KYCH 
SK Burch E Zehner, KCT, KYGCH, REPGC 
Lady Lynn
SK Larry E. Fisher, KCT, KYCH 
Lady Betty
SK Donald W Mumford, KCT, KYCH 
Lady Michele  
SK Robert A Oldfather, KCT, KYCH 
Lady Ruth Ann
SK John I. Christman, KCT, KYCH  
SK Martin R. Trent, KCT, KYGCH, REPGC, REDC 
Lady Bonita
SK Richard L. Ganion, KCT, KYCH 
Lady Debbie
SK John P. Pience, KCT, KYCH 
Lady Teresa     


Past Grand Commanders since 1941
 Past Deputy Division Commanders since 1938
Past CTA Presidents since 1945

"Every Christian Mason Should Be A Knights Templar!"

To be a Knights Templar you must first be a Master Mason in good standing with your local Masonic Lodge.  
You must also be a Royal Arch Mason in good standing with your local York Rite Chapter of Royal Arch Masons.

A Commandery of Knights Templar is part of the York Rite of Freemasonry. Although no direct linage can be established between the ancient templars who fought in the Crusades many believe that the original ancient templars had reason to form what is now the fraternity of Freemasonry.
The ancient order was established in 1118 when Hugh de Paynes petitioned King Baldwin II on behalf of himself and eight other knights for permission to establish themselves as a new religious order. The order took the name The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon and were located in Jerusalem. 
Over the centuries they would become known as the Order of the Temple. 
Under  vows of poverty, chastity and obedience they devoted themselves totally to the military protection of pilgrims to the holy places. By 1307 they had become very powerful and the first international bankers. This power and control of monies led to the suppression of the order by King Phillip I of France, who owed them a considerable amount of money, and Pope Clement V. 
On Friday September the 13th, 1307 fifteen thousand templars were arrested and put into chains; a date that would live for centuries in the minds of millions as the unluckiest day of the year.
Although most of the Templars in Europe were arrested, many escaped to Scotland and it is from here, many believe, that for their own protection they formed an “underground organization” that would one day become the Freemasons. 
For more information may I suggest two books: Born in Blood and Dungeon, Fire and Sword, both written by John J. Robinson. If you are interested in Freemasonry and Templar Masonry feel free to ask any mason or contact your local Masonic Temple. 
Many who are not Masons think that Freemasonry is a secret organization, however, while it may be an organization of secrets, such as the church of your choice or many other organizations to which you belong, the address and telephone number of the local lodge is readily available by a google search, or published in your telephone directory. Give them a call!

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