West Central Division
Knights Templar of Ohio

Proper Placement 
Jewels and Devices
Knight Templar of Ohio

  Veterans Bar is the only Jewel that goes ‘above the line’   

From proceedings of 163rd Regular Conclave of the Grand Commandery KT of Ohio (Michael) Decision 2, May 27, 2005. page 83, Uniform Committee, allowing wear of Service Ribbon for those that have served honorably in Armed Forces of the US:  The Ribbon shall be worn above the 1st Service Jewel to the left of the Past Commander Jewel, if worn     

KYCH Crown is in line with other jewels and the Past Commander Jewel is placed to be below KYCH Crown

Grand Commander’s York Rite Service Award [commonly referred to as KYCH Crown] only worn with and as part of Past Commander Jewel - From Proceedings of the 155th Regular Conclave of the Grand Commandery KT of Ohio (Koon),  Decision No. 1,  Sept. 15, 1996, pages 28 & 29, Grand Commander’s Service Award:   “The award shall be worn immediately above the Past Commander’s Jewel, and becomes an integral part thereof.”  

Starting in center of coat 
Jewels will be worn on the LEFT BREAST ONLY 
in the following order:    

Grand Commandery Jewel 
Commandery Jewel of Office  
Past Deputy Division Commander Jewel 
*Past Commander Jewel 
(*York Rite Service Jewel goes above Past Commander Jewel)  
Veterans Bar goes above 1st jewel worn below: 
Grand Encampment Drill Bar 
State Drill Bar 
Commandery Service Award 
Commandery Badge 
Malta Jewel 
Red Cross Jewel (if worn)